Our Fort Apache office is less than a mile from Southern Hills Hospital and Ikea!

Dear Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nevada Family,

As a reminder, for all of your foot and ankle urgent care needs, our office is open to help! We are available to serve patients at our normal operating hours and are taking same day appointments.

Examples of foot and ankle URGENT care matters treated in the office:

We want to take every precaution to keep people out of the hospitals, emergency rooms, and urgent care centers and to reduce the risk of exposure and the spread of this virus by treating urgent foot care matters in the office.

For all NON-URGENT matters, certain follow-ups, or for patients not wanting to get out, we are treating our patients via TELEMEDICINE or via VALET service.


How does it work?

You can call the office to see if your appointment can be converted into a telemedicine appointment. We will schedule you a time slot and notify you when your doctor will contact you.

Our telemedicine appointments are completed through phone. We will call you the day before your scheduled appointment to remind you.

Valet Service

How does it work? How does Valet Service keep me safe from exposure?

Patients who schedule a valet appointment are never kept in the waiting room.  When you pull into the parking lot for your appointment, give us a call. Once your appointment is ready to begin, we will call you and bring you directly into a private exam room. All of your examination, treatment, and follow up will be held separately from other patients.

Our doctors and staff at The Foot & Ankle Specialist of Nevada are dedicated to your health.

Be safe. Be well. We will get through this together.

For all appointments call: (702) 878-2455

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