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In many ways, kids’ feet are very different from those of their parents. Softer bones, growing bodies, congenital deformities, and other factors mean they face very different challenges (and often require very different treatments) from adults.

There are advantages to this situation—kids generally recover quickly from injury, and some conditions may spontaneously improve without much treatment at all. However, since kids have their whole life ahead of them, it is extremely important that any foot conditions that could cause developmental issues or complications later in life are addressed immediately.

Do your child’s feet look strange or out of place? Are they experiencing any pain? Are they exhibiting strange walking gaits or behaviors? If so, make sure you bring them to the pediatric foot care experts at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nevada.

Common Child Foot Pain Conditions

Although far from a comprehensive list, some of the most common pediatric conditions we treat include:

Treating Your Children with Care and Compassion

Nothing is more important than the health of your child, and we strive to make our practice a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for both you and your child. From infants to teenagers, we offer advanced, evidence-based treatment solutions delivered with warmth and compassion.

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