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Dr. Bregman & Dr. Ricciardi performed surgery on my left foot on July 22nd at the Siena campus as an outpatient. And this is to inform you that I was so pleased with their services and their expertise from their professionalism, bedside manner, etc. I had gone to Dr. Bregman as a last resort after being treated by two foot doctors here, and I must say he’s the best. I’m still under his care and I just want you to know that your hospital is, indeed, fortunate to have him on your faculty/staff. Since I work full time and am in fairly good health, I’m not used to having surgery at all, I was nervous and apprehensive, but I’ve had a foot problem for about a year, and Dr. Bregman performed a nerve decompression..he was honest with me and let me ask as many questions as I wanted which was especially refreshing and his face wasn’t in a computer while he spoke to me, which is the norm these days. However, I am cognizant of how the medical field has become so high tech in our computer age. That is what makes him special; he is a people person and really puts his patients at ease! From the moment my husband and I arrived at your facility at 5:15 am in the morning, I was treated with kindness, respect and a caring manner which I have not experienced in too many medical facilities here in Las Vegas. I have been a resident here for 18 yrs. and came from California where the medical treatment that I received there was par excellence. Your preop nurse who I visited a couple days before my surgery was fantastic..I can’t remember her name, however, it’s probably in your computer system; the nurses in the pre-op section and the nurses in the recovery room were phenomenal as well. Thank you for this opportunity to write to you and thank you, again for your staff! Jennifer D.

I was seen by Dr. Reyes for my feet by recommendation from my hair client. My client swore up and down that he was exceptional at his profession; I second that notion. Dr. Reyes is very thorough, he explains what is going on with your feet in an understandable manner, without using high technical terms (if he does, he explains himself without having to ask). I was placed an order of orthotics and my feet feel great, being a hairstylist, it can take a toll on your feet. The staff there is great, receptionist and his assistant, I am horrible with names, however she is a great assistant. Always friendly and accommodating, I urge you to see Dr. Reyes. Ecktor R.

- Yelp

I am a Barber and I am on my feet all day. My wife made an appointment for me with Dr. Ricciardi because my feet kill me after work every day. I went in and he fitted me with some inserts for my shoes. It took a while to get used to them but now I can go all day without pain in my feet. Thank you and your staff, Dr. Ricciardi. Doug M.

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I have been working with Dr. Bregman for my foot pain. He has done an amazing job in repairing the damage of age and arthritis. What I appreciated was that he always explained what he was going to do and was clear and concise about the outcome. I also appreciate that I have never waited more than 15 minutes to [get to] my appointments. Dr. Bregman is personable and will listen to your concerns. Kris Z.

- Yelp

Dr. Bregman treated my husband’s tarsal tunnel and a nerve entrapment on his little toe. For almost 2 years my husband had been misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated. His condition worsened over time to the point where he could barely walk. He was living in constant pain, he put on weight due to lack of exercise and I could see him suffer every day. We tried several podiatrists then finally, we were referred to Dr. Bregman. He gave him the right diagnoses and recommended surgery. It’s been 2 months post surgery and my husband is living a pain-free life. The leg has recovered well and he is back on his feet. I can see that he his much happier and feeling relieved. He is looking forward to doing things he enjoys like going for hikes, exercise at the gym and much more. Thank you, Dr. Bregman, for giving his life back! Nina L.

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Once again, thank you for the excellent care I received from you and your surgical staff during my recent surgery. Please also thank your office staff for their politeness and care during my numerous office visits. Your skill and bedside manner has always been important to me and I have no qualms in referring your office to an acquaintance. Carol G.

- YouTube

…I had a consult with Dr. Bregman. I complained of symptoms that felt like my foot wouldn’t work and there was a lot of pain. It felt like my bones were breaking when I would walk. Dr. Bregman after examining me discovered that I had nerve damage (Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome) and plantar fasciitis on my left foot. I then went on to have a tarsal tunnel release and a partial plantar fasciotomy with stem cells. Once the initial surgery pain was gone which was not very long, I became more aware of pain in my lower leg that was on the outside of my foot, which at first I thought it was because I was favoring that side due to the pain I had had on the left inside of my foot. My tarsal tunnel pain was gone but this new pain was different. I also had injured my knee around the same time, which made things worse and probably helped cause this problem. When I went back to Dr. Bregman he started examining my leg and tapping on my lower leg, which would trigger that same pain in my foot. I thought it was kind of strange that a nerve in my leg would cause foot pain. He injected me with a local anesthetic in my leg and my pain was virtually gone. He then performed nerve decompressions in two different places where my nerves were being pinched. This was my common and superficial peroneal nerves. Once this surgery was healed I no longer had that pain in my foot. I am now 100% pain-free. I can squeeze my foot and walk and which I could not do at all before surgery. Dr. Bregman did a fantastic job and really knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone with nerve problems in their legs or feet. Kelli C.

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